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Another year later and another year older!

Kyra, what have you been up to? Haven’t heard anything about you in a couple years, but I do know you are now another year older….


Have another bunny cake and I hope you get a lot of spankings!

Happy 25th Birthday Krya!

So you are now a quarter century old :) Congratulations on your birthday November 2nd! Wish I was there to give you some birthday spankings!playmatebirthdaycard

High Res Playboy Pictures of Kyra Milan

Happy birthday to the lovely Kyra!

Would like to wish a very happy birthday to the very lovely Kyra Milan.  She will be 24 on November 2nd!

Have some special Playmate cake!!


High Res Playboy Pictures of Kyra Milan

High Res Playboy Pictures of Kyra Milan

Playboy Playmate 2010 Rankings

Deepak wanted to see my rankings for 2010. The top of the year was very nice. The top 6 of the year were 6.75 and above which is very good for a year. Half of the Playmates were highly ranked and none were the PMOY which was a shame. Any of these girls would have been a great choice.

The next 5 were from 5.5 to 6. They were bunched together which is usual. Nothing really separated any of them. Each of them had their flaws, but they were average Playmates. Not bad choices, but they make you say “Next” when they appear. Now one tied Julianna Young for a 2.75. She actually went down from about a year ago when I originally did the rankings for 2010. When I do these, the ratings do change a little over time but not by much.

1) Jaime Edmondson 8.25
2) Amy Leigh Andrews 7.5
3) Francesca Frigo 7.25
4) Katie Vernola 7.25
5) Kyra Milan 7.0
6) Olivia Paige 6.75

7) Claire Sinclair 6.0
8) Heather Rae Young 6.0
9) Shera Bechard 5.75
10) Ashley Hobbs 5.5
11) Kassie Logsdon 5.5

12) Shanna McLaughlin 2.75

Jaime and Amy were by far my 2 favorites of the year. Jaime’s best feature are her legs which are just about perfect. They are long with great shape which comes from the workouts of being an NFL Cheerleader. Amy has nice breasts with nice legs and butt. I loved her when she was a Coed of the Month a year and a half earlier.

Francesca, Katie, and Kyra are very nice. Francesca and Kyra have great faces while Katie has some great breasts that fit her body very nicely. Olivia has a great slim body with nothing really outstanding, but she has no part of her that brings down the other. Olivia and Katie will no doubt be even better in a few year seeing they were 19 and 18 respectively when their issues came out.

Claire and Heather were nice but not that spectacular. Heather has nice long shapely legs while Claire has some nice breasts. Shera has some nice breasts with a decent ass while her legs one minute look nice but the next look too thin. Kassie has a face shaped like Jaime’s but not quite as striking while everything else is about average for a Playboy model.

Then we come to Shanna. Her face got a 5 which is average and the highest rated part. Her breasts don’t even come close to matching her body type. They just dominate her body too much. Her ass is pretty tiny without much shape while her legs are like toothpicks. They have no shape or form to them. I find it hard to believe that she won the Playboy Shootout over Olivia. There is no way that she should have been a Playmate. She brings the year down from a 6.61 to a 6.29. 6.6 is about average for both 1990’s and 2000’s, but instead, she brought it down to the worst in 2000’s and third worst in 1990’s. It is just like 2011 where the bottom 3 brought down the whole year.



Thanks for posting. Hope you can post the face-breasts-ass-legs breakup as well. Also would really like to see your ratings for 1987 if you haven’t lost them. Redoing them would not be easy. So let’s leave that out.

Agree about Jaime’s legs. Also think that Amy looked slightly better in her coed days because her face had that extra bit of sweetness that worked very well. Kyra probably has the best face of the year but I am not that convinced about Francesca’s face. Great point about Katie’s breasts being wonderful – noticed that a long time back and agree completely. Olivia has nothing outstanding – perhaps true but she is great in videos with expressive eyes, a nice smile and oodles of charm. Claire’s best feature is indeed her breasts. Shera I have said before looked better as Aurora Vaillantcourt of Mystique. True Kassie has a very ordinary body with below average breasts and ass but a really nice face coupled with a nice voice and a very sweet and pleasing disposition make her quite acceptable. Lastly I don’t think Shanna is that bad and would never compare her to Julianna Young but it’s all subjective of course.



High Res Playboy Pictures of Kyra Milan

Happy Birthday to Kyra!

Seems Kyra has 25 spankings due so let’s help her out.  Anyone have a hand to give Kyra?  Wishing you many, many more!

Playboy Bunny Cake for Kyra Milan

Playboy Bunny Cake for Kyra Milan

CC: Kyra Milan

In Kyra Milan’s centerfold (March 2010) we’ve tired of throwing pots and laying up kilns. No more waiting on ghosts – it’s time for a little Carpe Diem.

When an Art Director chooses a two-color scheme, it is important not to yield to monotony. In this centerfold we see only blues and browns, yet there is plenty of variation and intrigue. I’m sure most of us will find Kyra the most intriguing element here. Such a natural beauty! If I may direct your gaze to the accents in the lower left, you’ll see equally subtle and natural shades.

With all these browns lying about, it is easy to imagine a delicate palm placed on Kyra and the resultant warmth as her body heat rises to meet it. But that kind of stuff is in the future, it seems. Kyra has a warm, inviting, encouraging smile, but this is not a done deal just yet.

This subtly in laying out the shades of color and the shades of Kyra’s emotions are marks of a photo done well. Had I been writing this with socks blown off, the rating would be higher. It’s very good, just not the acme of centerfolds.

Photographer: Arny Freytag

Pin-up: 3.5
Erotic: 2.5
Artistic: 3.0

Overall: 3.1 out of 4.0

Mark Tomlonson